From The Sieve: Cats. The very mention of them has the power to generate innumerable lazy hits on a blog post. If one were to do an anthropological study of cats using only the Internet as source material, one might be lead to believe that we worship them as deities. We wouldn’t be the first […]

From The Sieve: The longest conveyor belt in the world runs 61 miles from the hostile interior of Moroccan occupied Western Sahara to the port city of El-Aaiún. Open to gusty desert winds in many places, the belt’s precious white cargo is strewn across the dusty brown desert, marking  the Earth so profoundly that this […]

From The Sieve: Buried under thousands of feet of hard, ancient ice lies the solid earth of the Antarctic continent. For some 34 million years, vast glacial plains have ebbed and flowed over this rocky land. But the initiation of Antarctic glaciation—the point in time when conditions became right for snowfall to exceed snowmelt year […]

From The Sieve: No complete rocks have survived to tell of the formative years following Earth’s formation some 4.56 billion years ago. The material that would have existed at that time has been broken apart by the power of wind and water. It has melted and metamorphosed under the immense pressure and heat deep within […]

From Earth Magazine: Sometime between 35 million and 20 million years ago, the Arabian Plate collided with the Eurasian Plate, substantially reshaping Earth’s surface and uplifting the Zagros Mountains in western Iran. The collision may also have played an important role in tectonic and climate changes that occurred about the same time, including global cooling, the opening of the Red […]

From the NASA Visualization Explorer iPad App: A bright flash from a star reflects off of objects in space with strange effect. see complete story here

From the NASA Visualization Explorer iPad App: Bright meteors light up the night sky each spring—and scientists aren’t sure why. see complete story here