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Rethinking a Collision

From Earth Magazine: Sometime between 35 million and 20 million years ago, the Arabian Plate collided with the Eurasian Plate, substantially reshaping Earth’s surface and uplifting the Zagros Mountains in western Iran. The collision may also have played an important role in tectonic and climate changes that occurred about the same time, including global cooling, the opening of the Red […]

Sea Butterflies Foreshadow Widespread Ocean Acidification

From Earth Magazine:   Delicate ocean snails called sea butterflies may be small, but their dissolving shells are cause for great concern. In the first study to document dissolution in liv­ing adult pteropods, scientists found that the microscopic organisms are already show­ing the effects of acidification in the Southern Ocean. This story appears in the […]

Follow The Money

From Earth Magazine: Geochemistry of English coins solves Medieval European economic mystery; reveals trade routes. Nearly 500 years ago, Europe entered into a massive and prolonged economic crisis. Historians and economists have debated the cause ever since. Now, geologists are looking to the coins of the era themselves for clues…   This story appears in […]

Sun Provides Water To Moon?

From Earth Magazine: Until recently, the consensus in the scientific community was that the moon was bone-dry. Scientists thought that the massive impact responsible for the moon’s creation would have driven away the hydrogen needed to form water. In the past four years, however, that view has melted away. The first suggestion of water was in […]